Virtual Language Lessons

Participants learn new languages in a thought-provoking and convenient manner. Participants have access to new lessons each week, for five months, in order to propel their language learning. The lessons will begin with the Spanish alphabet, and will progress, covering topics including but not limited to greetings, introductions, food, travel, clothing, directions, emergency care, family, etc., in the target language. Virtual lessons allow participants the freedom to work at their own pace while replaying concepts that may need a bit more focus, all from the comfort of home.

Cultural Immersion Program

Participants spend seven to ten days in a foreign country. While in the host country, participants attend classes at the local language school. Participants in high school stay with a host family in which they are provided daily meals in order to truly connect culturally. Adult participants have the option to stay with a host family or hotel. Participants engage in dance lessons, cooking classes, cultural excursions, and service projects that will enrich their lives. This hands-on approach provides participants with an opportunity to embolden their language skills while creating culturally enlightened connections that will last a lifetime. The cultural immersion program is combined with the virtual language lessons and monthly mixers.

Monthly Mixers

Participants enrolled in the virtual language lessons and cultural immersion program will be invited to attend monthly events in order to practice their newly acquired language skills. Participants will be able to ask questions and connect with others that are at various language levels. Participants will also be invited to attend local cultural events, museums, restaurants, concerts, and shows during the five-month program. Monthly mixers are combined with the virtual language lessons and cultural immersion program.

Daycare Experience

Studying a foreign language through GIE’s Spanish Virtual Daycare Experience is one of the most effective and engaging ways to learn a language. We provide foreign language equity for children, and work to improve future outcomes by closing the gaps among youth while promoting bilingualism. Children ages one to six are introduced to the Spanish language through live teaching, engaging videos, movement, chants, songs, and art projects created to capture the attention of this young group of learners. Daycare centers will receive live virtual lessons three days a week for four months. The lessons will cover topics including but not limited to the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, greetings, farewells, emotions, days of the week, months of the year, cultural celebrations, etc. At the start of each unit, daycare personnel are electronically sent all activities, unit plans, supplies, material lists, and daily agenda. At the end of each week, these young, bright, scholars will be able to identify the Spanish language and culture while learning to communicate in Spanish. We believe your daycare learning center would be a perfect match for us. We know you are committed to the same ideals that we stand behind… to make an impact on the future in ways that sustain, protect and empower our youth.


Individuals needing assistance with concepts and skills in Spanish language acquisition receive assistance virtually or face-to-face. Personalized plans are created for individuals according to their language goals.

Curriculum Development and Foreign Language Program

A complete curriculum is designed and implemented for a full semester at the elementary, middle, or high school level. The curriculum includes lesson plans for nine to eighteen weeks. The lesson plans will be distributed to school administrators along with virtual lessons that are to be shown to the students. Activities created to accompany the innovative curriculum will be distributed to the students to complete, in an effort to provide students with practice to reinforce language learning. Schools have the option to send students on a seven to ten-day guided experience abroad during the school’s Spring Break. The study abroad experience is an additional cost. Schools also have the option to add a weekly visit, in which one of GIE’s representatives will complete a cultural project or personal speaking practice with the students.