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Our Story

Global Immersion Excursion (GIE) was founded in 2018, by Dr. Latasha L. Jackson. The company has serviced individuals of various ages from around the world, quickly becoming an industry leader in Spanish language acquisition.  GIE utilizes virtual Spanish lessons paired with unique study abroad experiences in order to provide participants with language learning success. Through the company’s programs, participants are equipped with the knowledge, language skills, and insight to speak the Spanish language. It’s simple, at Global Immersion Excursion, we delight in our ability to assist participants in conquering their language learning goals through innovative virtual teaching methods, experiential learning opportunities, cultural explorations, and service-driven excursions. At GIE, we have one mission: Incite Global Connectivity through Second Language Acquisition.

Our Mission

Incite Global Connectivity through Second Language Acquisition. At Global Immersion excursion, we believe in Igniting the Desire for Global Connectivity through Innovative Foreign Language Education, Cultural Appreciation, and Extraordinary Explorations, One Person at a Time.

Our Services

Language Immersion

Studying a foreign language abroad is one of the most effective and engaging ways to learn a language. Through Global Immersion Excursion’s cultural immersion program, participants will not only learn how to better speak foreign languages, but one will also be surprised at the lasting lifetime connections that are established during travel.

Cultured Experience

Through the unique experience that GIE has to offer, participants are able to treat themselves to an opportunity to see the world. A new outlook on life, customs, traditions, food, and culture will be revealed as participants are guided through natural wonders, museums, new terrains, and distinctive landmarks of the host country.

Dynamic Curriculum

Our curriculum utilizes a human-centered design approach. At GIE, we emphasize learning sequences and activities that support the goals of our learners.


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